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Choose from more than 200 different Charms & Crystals and create your own unique piece of jewelry!

Crystal Bar Sketch
Crystal Bar silber Model
Charmwaechter Mix

Round or Heart Shaped? With or without crystals? Gold, silver or rose gold? The possibilities are endless!

Charm Guardian
Crystal Bar gold und silber

Our trendy bar design can be designed in countless variations with our crystals!

Crystal bar
Charm Bar gold und silber

Combine our Charm Bar with dreamlike Charms & Crystals and create your own unique item!

Charm Bar
Golden Bee Komplettset

We are constantly putting together new sets for you, depending on the season, holidays or occasions!

complete sets
Charmz Halsketten

No matter whether long or short, delicate or with large links .. round off your design with the right chain!

Charm Bar in gold mit Avocado Charm

We have briefly summarized our tips for you to design your dream chain in a blog!

Charmz guide