How do I design my own Charmz necklace?


There are at least as many different tastes, ideas and conceptions of jewelry as there are people in the world. Therefore, it is our goal that you get your custom necklace can design. There are endless possibilities (ok we didn't count them) to combine our Charms and Crystals in such a way that there is hardly a chain twice and your piece of jewelry thus one Unique is.

But let's start at the beginning.

It's best to choose that first Charm Guardian (Pendant or medallion) that you like best. No matter whether round, heart-shaped, gold, silver, or would you prefer a bar shape? You see alone the selection of your trailer is very individual.

Once you've found your favorite charm guardian, it's up to you to choose yours Charms and / or Crystals. This is where things get really interesting. Here you first have to decide whether the necklace is a gift or for you.

As a present:

Maybe for a special occasion like a wedding, Mother's Day etc.? Should your charm guard be a wonderful gift for your favorite person, you could be inspired by our sets (e.g. wedding set, love set, mum set etc.) and simply add a personal touch with a charm that connects you. For example a sushi charm because you always go out to eat sushi together.

To you:

Should your Charm Guardian your new favorite piece of jewelry, then choose your crystals according to your favorite colors and charms that describe you or that you just particularly like. For example, if you danced ballet as a child, the ballet shoes are a must for you! Your favorite animal will also find a place in your charm guard!

Do you have yourself for one Crystal bar decided then consider that only our crystals fit in your bar and maybe every now and then a little charm or a lettering, such as our love lettering in silver.

As the last step, you choose one a necklace for your charm guardian. Choose a chain with a length that is comfortable for you and the color to match your charm guard.

Of course, you can also attach your pendant to any of your favorite chains at home.

If you have decided on a crystal bar, you do not have to choose a chain as each of our crystal bars comes with a chain.

Ps: All of our chains and pendants are of course made of high quality surgical stainless steel and therefore allergy friendly!


Last but not least, we would like to give you ours CHARMZ tip give away! Your charm guard should your personal dream jewelry will. Be CREATIVE and design your charm guard like him dir like, don't think about the best combination but rather who you really are and what defines you!





If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, etc., write to us in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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